Jens Laursen-Schmidt


Who am I?

I write novels on contemporary subjects, immersingmyself in the lives of my characters. I have published novels in both my native Danish as well as in English. With a  Master in Public Administration, specialising in change management, and a Bachelor in Economics, I have has written two textbooks on Macro Economics and was a contributor to a non-fiction book on project management in Covid times.

When not writing, I enjoy traveling the world to do plane spotting, preferably in remote airports like Anchorage.

I'm fortunate to have been adopted by a beautiful cat, I currently live with my husband of 24 years on the west coast of Jutland in Denmark, and loves spending time with my grandchildren. 


My next book:

My next novel will be out on June 4th 2023:


When a man is found murdered in Copenhagen, his head and hands missing, it will be up to Detective Martin Bay to uncover his identity, discover why he was murdered, and how it’s linked to the disappearance of a woman and the incarceration of her boss. Can he do it without revealing his own secret? 

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